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Embarcader Technology Partner


Partner offers for Shell+ Users

Registering Shell+ Components you receive essential discounts for Shell+ partner products. The list of partner products follows below.

To get the discount please do the following:

  • Become a Shell+ Components registered user. More info...
  • Contact us and let us know what parther product you would like to purchase. Contact us...


Our partners:

Fast Report 3 - new generation of the reporting tools.

FastReport 3 is an add-in component for giving your application the ability to generate reports quickly and efficiently. FastReportR provides all the tools you need to develop reports.All variants of FastReportR 3 contains:
Visual report designer with rulers, guides and zooming, wizard for base type reports, export filters to html, tiff, bmp, jpg, xls, pdf, Dot matrix reports support, support most popular DB-engines. Full WYSIWYG, text rotation 0..360 degrees, memo object supports simple html-tags (font color, b, i, u, sub, sup), improved stretching (StretchMode, ShiftMode properties), Access to DB fields, styles, text flow, URLs, Anchors.

FastReport Studio is a solution for business. It contains powerful standalone visual report designer, scheduler of reports building, saving and distribution. Also it includes many demo samples of reports as well as work methods together with MS Access and MS Excell office applications.
FastReport Studio for developers includes powerful full-value COM+ program interface for further verification and managing of report building and handling; command line interface for report building and bringing out management; file package for end-user free application distribution; development means and source texts of samples for different programming environments (MicrosoftR Visual Studio v.6, MicrosoftR Visual Studio .Net, MicrosoftR Access, MicrosoftR Excell, MicrosoftR FoxPro, and also SyBaseR PowerBuilder, BorlandR Delphi.Net etc.)

Registered Shell+ customers have 5% discount for Fast Report products.

Afalina Software produces high quality reporting components, visual controls and tool for developing Microsoft Office COM Add-ins. Using it you can develop a single component that will run across the entire Office suite of applications.

Afalinasoftware has been working at the IT market since 1992. They providing solutions for both large and small, government and business enterprises worldwide. Support is an integral component of all their products.

We provide mutual 30% discounts for all our products. Please contact us for details.



RemObjects Software specializes in providing next-generation remoting and data access solutions for Delphi and the .NET Framework. Their first product, the RemObjects SDK for Delphi, has won the Delphi Informant's Readers Choice Award for "Best Communication Tool" in 2003, and has acquired enormous success due to its elegance, ease of use and flexibility.




glyFX specialises in making interface elements that will make your software look professional & modern. Our toolbar image libraries gives you access to high quality Windows XP style images & animations, while our custom design service can add a unique touch to your application. If you have any graphic or design requirements for your application, glyFX can help.

  Discount details: 25% off for all glyFX products! Please contact us for details.


Custom development services and Delphi components

ABF software, Inc. was founded by two software developers, Anton Karpenko and Dmitry Golovenko, on February 23, 2000. They are founded company after years of working in the software development market under other names, such as: UtilMind Solutions, KARPOLAN, LinX software, puterSoft.Com.

All programms and solutions, which produced by this company based on their tools and components. You can visit to learn more about services and products, that ABF-Software provides for developers.

There also an end-user software division with popular products, like ABF Outlook Backup. See for details.

SCM solutions and Interbase components

Devrace Athlant is an expert for Delphi 5-7 and C++ Builder 5-6, which integrates into IDE functions of such 15 well-known version control systems as: Visual SourceSafe, ClearCase, Starbase Versions, MKS Source Integrity, Perforce P4, TeamConnection, CS-RCS, QVCS, PVCS, CVS, Team Coherence, CM Synergy (Continuus), All Change 2000, Code Co-op and SourceOffSite.
  It enables you to use such standard source control functions as "Add to Control", "Check Out", "Check In", "Get History of Changes", "Show Difference", etc and also includes additional features.

For more information on Athlant, visit

  Discount details:

  • Regular price €63.95 - €756
  • Discount value 10%
  • You save €11.2 - €75.6

Devrace FIBPlus is a fast, flexible and high-performance component library for Borland® Delphi™ 3-7 and Borland® C++ Builder 3-6 intended for work with Borland® InterBase® and Firebird using direct Interbase API. FIBPlus combines simplicity of architecture with development convenience that enables to create powerful and effective applications. FIBPlus allows use of all Interbase features and benefits: array-fields, blob-fields, generators and full control of transactions, support of all standard and third-party visual db-ware components, special features for optimization of InterBase net-traffic and a set of special design-time experts.

For more information on FIBPlus, visit

  Discount details:

  • Regular price €199 - €989
  • Discount value 10%
  • You save €19.9 - €98.9


Develop NT Services using Delphi

SvCom is an integrated package of classes and tools for development of service applications and use of NT Security framework. It's major features include:

  • Deploy NT Service applications under Windows 9x/ME and NT/2002 (Unique feature!!!)
  • Develop and debug NT services using either Windows 95/98 or NT - using the same classes and the same function calls (!!!)
  • DCOM support (DCOM server in Service)
  • Support of interactive service applications (Unique!!! Now it solves "Interactive Service Instability" problem too!

  You will find more information about SvCom here.

  Discount details:

  • Regular price $99
  • Discount value 20%
  • You save $20

IIS Keeper Protect resources of your site with password. With IISKeeper you can easily protect any resources of your site with a password. By a protected resource we mean a folder containing subfolders and files or a single file. You don't have to create Windows user accounts. The list of users who have access to the protected resources does not depend on the list of system users.


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